Wise as Serpents – Part 1

When I think of serpents, more so in a Biblical context, I most commonly think about the enemy’s involvement with humanity, his deception and his hatred for the people of God, the imagery of his work in the garden, or maybe his involvement through those who worked so hard to destroy Jesus. Jesus often called out the hypocrites and referred to them as a “den of vipers.”
But on one particular occasion, Jesus told his disciples to simulate characteristics commonly displayed by serpents. “Be wise as serpents,” He said.

Snakes display patience and strength when placed in a difficult encounter. They never seek out a fight, yet are, I think, clever in their response to confrontation. In our personal lives, and on the world stage, christians are coming under fire more and more each day. Christianity has become the most persecuted religion world-wide in the past two years. Clearly we are being backed further and further into a corner by the work of the enemy. Yet, how are we to respond? Or maybe a better question would be, who are we really?

On the world stage, it is very easy to spot those who are able to stand against the tactics and propaganda of a power-hungry media, coupled with their counterpart in politics. It is those that are well-learned, who choose to believe that their beliefs are worth knowing and understanding well, instead of being bullied, these men and women are causing their assailants to step back and realize they have no answers for the wisdom they have spoken.
Could it be that this may be the answer to common attacks in our personal lives? Studying, searching, seeking, and being prepared to answer. We have the words of life and we should always continue to learn, never stop drawing from the one who holds every answer to any question. Do not think that you are not able. For because of Christ, we are able.

The Israelites allowed themselves to be fooled out of serving the true God as they took on other belief systems. God spoke to them through the prophet Isaiah, “My people are destroyed by a lack of knowledge.”

Let our story speak to the world today that our fate was not because of our ignorance, but our successes were because our words answered the difficult questions of our time. Our words confounded those who thought they were wise and our words brought light to a dark world and changed the world that we were given to change.

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