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God in Schools

Wednesday, November 14th, 2018

It’s hard to watch our public schools and universities display such contempt for the name of Christ. I remember in hgh school being made fun of and mocked in front of my entire Social Studies class by a teacher who hated me only because I had a Bible with me.

He made comments about mistakes I made and taunted me by saying, “too busy reading your Bible, aren’t you?!” He encrouaraged the class to read ” fascinating articles“ in PlayBoy magazine and he would break into laughter as he explained that congress would begin sessions with prayer.

Today I have the privilege of teaching English and chess to four classrooms full of third and fourth graders in a public school in Brazil. I tell them stories like how Jesus calmed the storm and healed the broken. We pray before each class and at the end, we pray with the children for their families, school, teachers and their community.
The school pays me nothing, but the rewards are endless!